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Great job, Ncmacasl! I really wish that Netflix fixed their search page to allow us to find captions. 

You beat them!
# posted by Blogger Amy : Mon Oct 25, 12:59:00 PM EDT  

Keep this up! Thank you very much.
# posted by Blogger Jason : Fri Nov 05, 12:52:00 AM EDT  

Hello. Thank you for a useful service. I wish there way in Netflix to search for only closed captioned and subtitled movies.
# posted by Blogger lk : Fri Nov 05, 05:27:00 PM EDT  

Good news for you all who didnt watch the movie called "Up" by Disney/Pixar. It finally has subtitles!

Go, watch and enjoy!
# posted by Blogger Wendy M. : Tue Nov 09, 11:14:00 PM EST

Keep up the great work! What you are doing is very helpful.

Is it possible to include ratings - the number of stars? That way, I can skip to the movies that I know are good.
# posted by Blogger Jason : Thu Nov 11, 10:51:00 PM EST


Thank you so much for providing the list of netflix movies. They are so helpful!
# posted by Blogger Lieurene : Fri Nov 12, 11:47:00 PM EST

This is a lifesaver! I've had a Netflix account for ages but have only stuck to mailing because of the amount of hassle to work out what instant streaming was actually captioned. I hope they eventually create a search engine that shows us all captioned shows so you don't have to devote so much time to this! Thanks for putting in the effort - do you just do it randomly (looking at titles to see if they are captioned?).
# posted by Blogger Snugglepot ant : Sat Nov 13, 02:15:00 PM EST

Thank you for this listing. Being hard of hearing made netflix a problem for me until they inserted subtitles. I will keep an eye out for any and all movies with subtitles and let you know the ones yet to be listed. :)
# posted by Blogger aleasha.jeremy : Sun Nov 14, 10:51:00 PM EST

THANK YOU so much for doing this. It must take a lot of work and I am so glad to have found this list!!
# posted by Blogger roxxy : Tue Nov 23, 06:32:00 PM EST

When will the closed captioning be available on Sony Bluray players?
# posted by Blogger Gina : Sat Nov 27, 07:40:00 PM EST

Gina, see FAQs page - Q #3 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :

AH I am so glad you guys are making progress on this. I was just trying to find a captioned film as was getting very frustrated with the time it was taking to find something. One is not able to search for it other than browsing. I look forward to going through this list above - keep it up, got a long ways to catch up to hulu!
# posted by Blogger John : Sat Dec 04, 10:01:00 PM EST

Awesome!! Too bad Netflix doesn't make this info available on their site to make it easier to choose titles to watch. What about TV Shows?? Do you have a list for those. I know I have seen at least one show that had CC, but can't remember what show it was. Sorry.
# posted by Blogger guitarrgirl : Tue Dec 07, 08:02:00 PM EST

guitarrgirl, Yes there is a TV section: (links at the top of the page "Jump to TV") also here: TV Section
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Tue Dec 07, 08:14:00 PM EST

Is there a way I can see the movies you most recently added, in order? I've saved what I want to watch. Now I want to come back occasionally and see what's new- not go to every page.
# posted by Blogger christine : Wed Dec 15, 03:16:00 AM EST

Christine, Subscribe to the comments feed (see Orange "Atom" link on top of the page. This will send you emails each time someone posts a comment. I post "updates" in the Comments section whenever new titles are added. That should make your search easier. Since I manually add each title, there is no way to search/Sort them. InstantWatcher & FeedFliks offer search but they have less titles and also do not search by "Recently Subtitled".
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Wed Dec 15, 06:20:00 AM EST

Is there any device currently available that will receive and stream movies with subtitles over a wireless network? Thank you so much for this site!!
# posted by Blogger Snico : Thu Dec 23, 11:17:00 AM EST

Snico, do you mean which devices will run wifi or mobile devices? There are portable laptop versions of Macs & PCs (both can have and I believe both Wii and PS3 will allow a wifi internet connection (with the proper attachments). But if you mean an Android or iPhone or other mobile device -- no, not yet. Netflix claims to be working on all other platforms (including mobile devices). No word on when the other devices will be released and which ones are next in line. However, once they "turn it on" then all of the titles listed here in this blog will work.
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Thu Dec 23, 04:40:00 PM EST

Thanks SO much for this list! I know several people who will really appreciate it -- including me as it's no fun to watch a movie when everyone can't enjoy it. Thank you.
# posted by Blogger amy : Mon Jan 03, 02:55:00 AM EST

John - I will add "Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal" (foreign) soon, as well! Thanks. Keep them coming. Keep in mind I have decided to only add Foreign titles with Open Subtitles until they are 9% of the total (& silent movies - 1% of the total) - I am pretty close to that now. I will wait until Netflix adds more titles, then I will add more Foregin and Silent to the list as well. has 3 categories for this where you can search for listings ("Foreign" is a mix of Open-Subtitled & Dubbed English with no subtitles): Foreign - / Silent - / Foreign+Silent -
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Tue Jan 04, 08:33:00 PM EST

Although the captions for "Her Alibi" do technically work, only about half the dialogue is actually captioned, at least in the beginning. I turned it off after 20 minutes of frustration.
# posted by Blogger John : Fri Jan 07, 12:26:00 PM EST

Tell netflix the problem because they want to hear the problem. How long the video last of subtitle? And how long the words took off? Thanks, john Wilson p.s. I don't work for netflix but you can talk to them about your fratration. I didn't have a problem. I will watch the entire movie.
# posted by Blogger john : Fri Jan 07, 01:19:00 PM EST

I didn't have a problem on the ps3 system.
# posted by Blogger john : Fri Jan 07, 02:00:00 PM EST

John, I agree with John Wilson. Contact Netflix directly by phone: 866-716-0414 (voice - use relay) or via Twitter: @NetflixHelps -- It may be a one-time glitch or something happening with your platform. Which platform are you using?? PS3, Wii, Mac or PC?? I have a Wii & PC and will check both systems this weekend.
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Fri Jan 07, 03:37:00 PM EST

In regards to "Her Alibi", it was on a Wii, I've watched 2 movies since then both no problems. I'll re-add it later and try again. Thank you!
# posted by Blogger John : Fri Jan 07, 04:25:00 PM EST

Dear deaf community site, I comments to netflix that there were somethings that they should hear. I felt like I was doing the right thing. Thanks, john wilson

Dear netflix, I just want let you folks know that all of you have made great progress of making subtitles this week the records of the high 56 movies a week so far. But I also just mentioned in mind why is there movies and five TVs shows for kids in the hall. What I would love to see is 50 movies and 50 tv show that total of 100 a week. Is there possibility doing 50 movies a week and tv shows 50 a week and if you folks do that and that would be marvelous!! Now the reason why I said is because when I counted the movies that 50 movies been added to library this week and kids in the hall that is five seasons. Will there be more subtitles for tv shows in library? And now that is very frautrating to me and the deaf community. Now what is wrong with netflix and staff. Please get the job done!!
# posted by Blogger john : Fri Jan 07, 11:05:00 PM EST

Champ web site! Suggestion: Can you give us the option to sort movies by their rating (high to low)?
# posted by Blogger Marvin : Mon Jan 10, 12:21:00 PM EST

Marvin, see FAQs page - Q #8 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :

NC-mac-ASL Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this. I'm deaf and this is such a great help. I strongly encourage you to put some kind of donation link to this. You deserve something for all the help you are providing.
# posted by Blogger Ron Jaxon : Tue Jan 11, 02:38:00 PM EST

Ron Jaxon, Great idea. I added a link for donations at the top of each page near the Twitter/Facebook section. Let me know if it works! I Appreciate the support!! :D
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Tue Jan 11, 09:15:00 PM EST

FYI, Netflix added only 3 titles to InstantWatch today and ALL THREE HAD SUBTITLES!!!!
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Thu Jan 13, 11:54:00 AM EST

Lets hope that means all titles added in the future will have subtitles! not holding my breath tho.
# posted by Blogger bossyman15 : Thu Jan 13, 01:19:00 PM EST

I think we can all agree that we hope Netflix will continue to increase the number of movies with Subtitles, however it is done.
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Thu Jan 13, 09:16:00 PM EST

Finally! some good movies!
# posted by Blogger bossyman15 : Sat Jan 15, 12:31:00 AM EST

If there specific movies want to be add can call netflix for more.
# posted by Blogger john : Sat Jan 15, 12:44:00 AM EST

NEW MILESTONE: With the latest 54 titles, the number of Netflix-Subtitled movies is now 534 -- enough to actually fill your InstantWatch queue (500 titles maximum) with 34 titles to spare!!
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Sat Jan 15, 11:27:00 AM EST

500 subtitles plus and counting!!!!! Go netflix!!
# posted by Blogger john : Sat Jan 15, 11:43:00 AM EST

Hello. Love the website. Can it show also on which Blu-ray DVD players that provide streaming from netflix are capable of displaying closed captions?

Thank you.
# posted by Blogger independent thinker : Sat Jan 15, 02:35:00 PM EST

independent thinker, see FAQs page - Q #3 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :

Mike's aim screen name is NCMACASL he will will help you with all your needs.
# posted by Blogger john : Sat Jan 15, 02:57:00 PM EST

Netflix is working on more devices to be support subtitles with silverlight technology plug in.
# posted by Blogger john : Sat Jan 15, 02:59:00 PM EST

FYI, Netflix added only 3 titles to InstantWatch today and ALL THREE HAD SUBTITLES!!!!
# posted by  Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Thu Jan 13, 11:54:00 AM EST

NEW MILESTONE: With the latest 54 titles, the number of Netflix-Subtitled movies is now 534 -- enough to actually fill your InstantWatch queue (500 titles maximum) with 34 titles to spare!!
# posted by  Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Sat Jan 15, 11:27:00 AM EST

UPDATE 1/18/11: ADDED - TV: Greek: Chapter Six (2011) ... NOTE: This is the very FIRST title available on InstantWatch with a 2011 date, and it has SUBTITLES!!
# posted by  Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Tue Jan 18, 07:09:00 AM EST

UPDATE: I have completed adding of all "Genres" & "This Movie Is:" descriptions on all titles.
# posted by  Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Thu Jan 20, 11:11:00 AM EST

Is there a way to adjust the font size and style of the subtitles?
# posted by  Blogger Cray : Sun Jan 23, 03:53:00 AM EST

Cray, see FAQs page - Q #9 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :

UPDATE: Netflix Policies: Netflix is now limiting how many devices can be watched at one time on the Unlimited Watch Now plan. They originally had it where 4 devices could watch at a time and now they limited it down to 2 devices that can watch at a time -- for more information, read here:
# posted by  Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Mon Jan 24, 04:20:00 PM EST

HELLO AND THANKS - who are you please?
and...if interested, see and join us.
We can also link blogs perhaps.
ls/ccac, all volunteers
# posted by Blogger CCACaptioning : Mon Jan 31, 08:21:00 AM EST

CCAC, see FAQs page - Q #1 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :

Thanks for the list. I tested it out last night. It works on Google TV, btw - or at least on the Sony version of it.
# posted by  Blogger Tori : Mon Jan 31, 10:50:00 AM EST

NCMACASL - I have a suggestion for you. Netflix has mobile apps now. Some, such as myself, sometimes watch netflix on my mobile (iPhone). You can make this blog more mobile friendly by going to Then go to dashboard/settings/Email & mobile. Then select the "Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template.". Then Save Settings. The blog will be formatted for mobile devices with a layout that's easier to read. Hope this helps.
# posted by Blogger Ron Jaxon : Mon Jan 31, 03:24:00 PM EST

Ron, already aware of this. the link to main page is here: however, since my pages are link-heavy and many links refer to other Blogger pages, it isn't very helpful since the links are NOT automatically converted to the mobile format. Also, I tried both versions on my old Sidekick Phone from 2007. The original (non-Mobile version) actually shows up BETTER than the Mobile version!! BTW, adding "?m=1" to most links changes them to the new Mobile version automatically.
# posted by  Blogger NC-mac-ASL : Mon Jan 31, 03:53:00 PM EST

Thanks. IT worked. Yes, this blog isn't set up to match that mobile view all that well. But I just tried it and if you can find the alphabet links (EI: Movies A- B, etc...) you can go through and find them....
# posted by Blogger Ron Jaxon : Mon Jan 31, 03:56:00 PM EST

What about XBox 360????  --CM
# posted by  Blogger cmssw : Thu Feb 03, 11:07:00 AM EST

cmssw, see FAQs page - Q #3 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :

NCMACASL - You rock for doing this site. thanks! I have a request though. I see that you created 17 different sections to make loading faster. would you consider a page that contains every single movie w/o having to switch between them? I only like to watch movies that have real high ratings, so i'll search for 4.0. now I have to do this 17 times, since all the movies arent loaded on a single link. please add that page. I dont care if it takes an hour to load... it will make searching the movie I want much easier.
# posted by Blogger blah : Thu Feb 10, 04:33:00 PM EST

blah, see FAQs page - Q #8 here
# posted by Blogger NC-mac-ASL :


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