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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

This page answers questions frequently asked in the Comments section of this blog.
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Q: Who are you and why are you doing this?

A: In December 2010, posted an article asking the same question -- ended up in an interview and a nice article here. In February 2011, did another interview of me involving the controversy of Netflix claiming 30% of their catalog is subtitled -- the article is here. The site has also been mentioned on &

Q: How do you search for titles?

A: After Subtitles were turned on for the Wii in October, I originally just scanned thru my own Queue of nearly 500 titles to see which had subtitles. I then found 2 other lists online (from codeman38 and Sam the Deaf) and a few tweets with titles. I combined them into 1 page. I then used NetflixWii Search for all As, Bs, Cs, then AAs ABs ACs etc. to see which titles had caption (sadly, each search only gives you 2 pages of titles). I now check & as both sites now offer Subtitles as part of their listings (after I requested it from both) and also rely on comments from others. Also I now check Netflix's own Subtitles list and's new site. 

Q: When will subtitles be available on ______ hardware?

A: Netflix has stated that they are working on other platforms. We can assume they mean Roku, iPad, XBox, AppleTV, Tivo, Windows Media Center, web-enabled TVs (already active on Sony TVs with GoogleTV) & web-enabled BluRay Players (already active on select Sony & Panasonic BluRay Players). They have not given any specific dates. They just say they are "working on it." They have publically stated to expect subtitling upgrades to Tivo & XBox before the end of 2011. Currently subtitles are only available on 10 platforms:
  • PC Web Browsers
  • Mac Web Browsers
  • Sony PS3 Gaming Systems
  • Nintendo Wii Gaming Systems
  • coming soon: Nintendo 3DS Gaming Systems (Netflix app releasing Summer 2011)
  • GoogleTV (on Sony TVs, Sony BluRay Players & Logitech Revue boxes)
  • Boxee Box's Netflix App (just added 2/14/11)
  • Western Digital WD-TV's "Netflix 3.0" app (just added 4/13/11 on their WD-TV Live Plus & WD-TV Live Hub boxes)
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad devices (just added late May 2011) 
  • Panasonic BMP-BDT110 3D Blu-Ray Players (just added late May 2011)
Feel free to contact Netflix directly and let them know which platform you want Subtitles added to. Contact Netflix directly by phone: 866-716-0414 (voice - use relay) or via Twitter: @NetflixHelps 

Q: I see the Movie listings, are there TV show listings?

A: I list TV programs & Movies separately. Made-For-TV movies (like Perry Mason movies and Cagney & Lacey movies) are listed in movies.  TV Mini-series (like The Gambler) and Web series (like The LXD) are included in the TV Section here

Q: Is there a way I can see the movies you most recently added, in order? I've saved what I want to watch. Now I want to come back occasionally and see what's new-not go to every page.

A: You can check the Comments section on the main page. All new titles from the last 30 days are listed there. Also, new titles that have been added to Netflix but not yet added to my listings are posted there. You can also subscribe to the Comments Feed via email by clicking on the "Subscribe by email" link just below and to the right of the Comment Entry Box.

Q: Captions are messing up/not synching on my screen! What do I do?

A: If you are using 1 of the 7 platforms and you have subtitles turned on and you are playing a title known to have subtitles (included on my listings) then check the Comments section to see if it is listed in the "Known Problems" section. If it isn't please add a comment so we can update the list. Then, CONTACT NETFLIX and let them know of the error. Contact Netflix directly by phone: 866-716-0414 (voice - use relay) or via Twitter: @NetflixHelps 

Q: Can you add subtitles to ______ movie for me?

A:  I have ZERO control about what Netflix will and won't add subtitles to. You will need to contact them directly to suggest titles you want subtitles added to. Contact Netflix directly by phone: 866-716-0414 (voice - use relay) or via Twitter: @NetflixHelps 

Q: Can you give us the option to sort/filter these listings?

A:  Sorry - this is not a database, it is manual entries in a list. Both FeedFliks & InstantWatcher have different sorting methods (since both are databases). I have more titles overall, but they do have powerful searching & filtering capabilities. 

1)'s new "English Subtitles" section - (742 titles listed so far & 15 duplicates as of 3/08/11) Can Sort/Filter by: [HD + Non-HD|HD Only|Non HD], [Movies+TV|TV Only|Movies Only], [Netflix Rating|RottenTomatoes Rating|NY Times ratings], [date of movie release], [MPAA Ratings: G, PG, etc.]. Sort by [release year| instant release date|title|Netflix Rating|RottenTomatoes Rating|Expiration Date|Popularity|Runtime]

2) has added a searchable feature on "Instant Watch with Subtitles", also: (535 titles listed as of 3/08/11) -- NOTE: They only display a maximum of 100 titles at a time. Can Sort/Filter by: [Title], [Genre:Comedy,Drama, etc.], [Average Netflix Rating], [Watchability], [Runtime], [Release Year]. Sort by: [Rating|Runtime|Release Year|Expiring First] NOTE: I have added links to make it easier to view different date ranges to avoid the 100 title max.: 1900-1955 (34 titles); 1956-1970 (30 titles); 1971-1980 (33 titles); 1981-1986 (35 titles); 1987-1989 (35 titles); 1990-1993 (30 titles); 1994-1995 (42 titles); 1996-1997 (37 titles); 1998-2000 (37 titles); 2001-2002 (37 titles); 2003-2005 (39 titles); 2006-2007 (39 titles); 2008 (39 titles); 2009 (41 titles); 2010-2011 (27 titles);

3)'s Listings is here:; (813 titles listed so far & 4 duplicates as of 3/08/11) Can Filter by: [Title], [Recently Added], [Expiring Soon], [Genre: Comedy, Drama, etc.], Sort by: [Title A-Z|Title Z-A|Expiration Date (within "Expiring Soon" filter only)]

4) Netflix's own English Subtitles listings is here:; (816 titles listed so far as of 3/08/11) Can Filter by [Unrated/Unseen Titles|All Titles], Sort by: [Title|Release Year|MPAA Ratings|Netflix Star Rating (including your own Star Rating)].

Q: Is there a way to adjust the font size and style of the subtitles??

A:  No, but that is a great suggestion for the future. Contact Netflix and let them know this is a feature you want added. Contact Netflix directly by phone: 866-716-0414 (voice - use relay) or via Twitter: @NetflixHelps 


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